What You Need to Know

Extrovert. Preacher’s kid. I’m Southern in all the best ways. Youngest of three; husband of one; father of four. Struggled with depression, but kicking its ass. Runner. Love-giver, risk-taker, music-maker, story-teller. Degrees in music and business. A man of faith and doubt; hope and disillusion. Driven in my goals, but laid-back with people. Positive attitude. I have a weakness for french fries, ice cream, and cheesecake. I don’t get NASCAR, fantasy football, or video games, and I have an unusual aversion to the hiccups. I love almost anything in the wild outdoors, but I’ll take a dirt path and hiking pole over a deer stand and a rifle. I especially like backpacking, camping, lying under the stars, sitting around a fire, and being in and around bodies of water. I don’t talk smack and I have a soft spot for animals.

Just another evening at home with the Riggs Tribe

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*The better photograph here was taken by the awesome Carson Nicely of Nicely Made Media.