Behind the Scenes*

w/ Dir. Geoffrey Proud and actor Derrick Dee Drake

I first worked with Geoffrey Proud, Flower Hulihan, and Lusid Media in 2015 for Murder Comes to Town. I had the privilege to reunite with them again in January of this year for the series premiere of ID Network‘s Murder by Numbers. The best feedback an actor can get is when a director hires them back for another project! This show was four full days of shooting and, in spite of the grim material, I had a great time.

I play Detective Bobby Gray, who is a real detective and was on the case of a Georgia serial killer in 2001. I’m thankful for Detective Gray and the good men and women who work in law enforcement to keep our communities safe.

The episode premiered July 12, 2017 on the ID Network. You can watch it again on ID’s website or purchase it from iTunes.

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That’s a wrap!

*Many times when hired for a shoot, an actor is not allowed to publicly share the details. This is to protect the marketing plans of the project and to guard the producers’ right to control the way in which their story is first presented. Usually, the restrictions expire after the media is released to the public. This post is shared with permission.