Many times when hired for a shoot, an actor is not allowed to publicly share the details. This is to protect the marketing plans of the project and to guard the producers’ right to control the way in which their story is first presented. Usually, the restrictions expire after the media is released to the public. What follows is shared with permission.

Behind the Scenes

Last November, I shot a commercial with the Bohan Ad Agency for Pigeon Forge, TN Department of Tourism. The idea of the spot is a family that vacations in Pigeon Forge every year. On their latest trip their dog, who is left at home, manages to watch a slideshow of the family through the years at Pigeon Forge and longs for the family’s return. When they do, the family tells the dog of all the fun they had in Pigeon Forge.

Lauren Webb from Nashville was cast as the mom. We had great fun together with our two kids (played by four actors, a younger set, and current-age set). We recorded at all sorts of Pigeon Forge family attractions for this 30-second spot.

We shot this commercial just before the tragic wildfires in nearby Gatlinburg. My real-life wife and I both have family roots in East Tennessee. They are beautiful, resilient people. And I hope this spot helps to rebuild their communities by bringing tourists back to this wonderful family-friendly vacation destination.

My thoughts before the shoot.

Clowning around on location

Here’s the spot. Short and sweet.

Here are more BTS pictures. Click to expand.

That’s a wrap!