Selling Healthcare Technology

– a behind-the-scenes blog post –

Selling Healthcare Technology

Behind the Scenes*

I recently appeared on an Internet marketing video for a healthcare app. The spot was produced by Clif Sneed and directed by Kemp Lyons from Cincinnati-based video production company Epipheo. It was also my first shoot with Emily Juengel and wardrobe stylists Monica Skrezlowski and Linnea Mizener, whom I reunited with for another shoot earlier this month. Sometimes life is fun like that.

My thoughts before the shoot.

Two spots from one shoot.

Here are more BTS pictures. Click to expand.

That’s a wrap!

*Many times when hired for a shoot, an actor is not allowed to publicly share the details. This is to protect the marketing plans of the project and to guard the producers’ right to control the way in which their story is first presented. Usually, the restrictions expire after the media is released to the public. This post is shared with permission.

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