Behind the Scenes*

Tranquility Base was a short film that I was a part of in 2015. It tells the story of a war veteran suffering from PTSD and the love of his brother. The project was the brainchild of Lisa Wright, who took on her teacher’s challenge to make her own film. She found the screenplay by Victor Hollingsworth, hired the crew led by director Zach Whittaker, filmed at her family farm, and fed us from her family table. (Yum!). This was her first film and she just made it happen. She has since produced two more. Kudos in my book!

This was my first film with Zachary Whittaker and was how we met. I got to work with him again on his own screenplay for 15 Minute Sister.

No joke. If you suffer from post traumatic stress disorder, are distressed, or are otherwise considering harming yourself, you are not alone. There is help available. Call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255 or start a chat here.

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That’s a wrap!

*Many times when hired for a shoot, an actor is not allowed to publicly share the details. This is to protect the marketing plans of the project and to guard the producers’ right to control the way in which their story is first presented. Usually, the restrictions expire after the media is released to the public. This post is shared with permission.