This week I become the father of a teenage boy. My “Little Buddy” now has peach fuzz, a deeper voice, and cuts my grass. Scooter Man turns 13. I’m super proud of him. My gratitude list for the week:

  • Scooter Man! The kindest, smartest, funniest 13-year old a dad could ever dream of. Happy birthday!
  • Boxes full of farm-fresh apples and peaches
  • Audition opportunities with up-and-coming filmmakers
  • Another great service at The Table
  • The burgers at ML Rose, gas in my car, and the kindness of a friend
  • Listening ear of my counselor-friend
  • The “Christian Chicken” and my daughter’s first job
  • Antibiotics to fight my kids’ strep throat
  • Hanging out with the creative folks at Nashville’s Faith in Film breakfast


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I’m starting a new series today called Table Tuesdays that feature music clips of me with The Table Troubadours. I love these guys and gals and the music we make together.

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Why do you pass judgment on your brother or sister? – from Romans 14

Today at The Table, Malone spoke on the mercy of God and how once we have tasted His mercy, we have mercy for others. This was our set of worship music:

  • Walk-in 1: God, You’re Beautiful (instr.) (Macleod / Skinner)
  • Walk-in 2: (You’re) Beautiful (instr.) (Phil Wickham)
  • Come Now is the Time to Worship (Brian Doerksen)
  • Everlasting Arms (Leaning) (Hoffman / Showalter / Riggs)
  • Offertory: Come Ye Sinners, Poor and Needy (Hart / Ortega / Schreiner)
  • Communion: Just as I am (Elliott / Guy / Brown)
  • Everlasting Arms (Leaning)

The Table Troubadours

  • Jonathan Riggs – leader
  • Kim Marie Folsom – percussion
  • Jon Brooks – bass
  • Rob Higginbotham – guitar
  • Steve Morley –  keys / vocals
  • Grace Gilliam – vocals
  • Darci Wantiez – vocals
  • Stephen Rees – audio
  • Jim Williams – media

vimeo_32NEW! Revisit worship times at The Table on Vimeo.