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… the greatest of these is love. – from 1 Corinthians 13

This morning at The Table, Kristine taught that in Christ’s love, we are caught up in God’s love. This was our set of worship music.

  • How Great Thou Art (Stuart K. Hine)
  • In Christ Alone (Getty / Townend)
  • Offertory: Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence (traditional; arr. Ortega / Schreiber)
  • Doxology: to the tune of “We Three Kings of Orient Are”
  • Sanctus: Holy, Holy, Holy (Jonathan Riggs)
  • Communion: Love Came Down (Johnson / Johnson / Riddle / McIntosh / Edwardian)
  • All the People Said Amen (Maher / Morgan / Moak)

The Table Troubadours

  • Jonathan Riggs – leader
  • Justin Gillespie – percussion
  • Michael Majett – bass
  • Mark Christian – guitars
  • Steve Morley – keys / vocals
  • Anna Mitchell – vocals
  • Stephen Rees – audio
  • Ashley Heren – slide designer
  • Jim Williams – slide operator


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I forget exactly how and why I came across this book on my library’s website and downloaded it to my Kindle. Except that I adore Steve Martin. My brother and I laughed our way through The Jerk and quoted it for a good part of my adolescence. Then came Three Amigos!RoxanneFather of the Bride, and my all-time favorite Planes, Trains, and Automobiles. As an 80s kid, Martins’ standup was before my time, but I had vague notions of a “wild and crazy guy” saying “excuuuuuuse me!” while wearing an arrow through his head.

What a treat it is to peek behind the curtain and see him as a young man develop his comedic voice, struggle with his family’s dysfunction and anxiety, date girlfriends, and become an entertainment icon. Or as he describes it, “why I did standup and why I walked away.” Steve Martin is smart and a sharp writer. This is not a book of jokes, but an entertaining and poignant tale of an endearing showman.

Jason Alexander as George Costanza protects his hands when he became a hand model. Seinfeld

Jason Alexander as George Costanza protects his hands when he became a hand model. Seinfeld

I just booked another hand modeling gig for this week. This is the third one I’ve had in the last three months. Perhaps I’ve missed my calling.