on a training hike at Radnor Lake

My hobby is backpacking. I love hiking outdoors with a friend or two, unplugging, and going to hard-to-reach places for days at a time. I love the pace, the sounds, the smells, the conversations, and the challenge. With delight, my son’s Boy Scout Troop decided to go on their first backpacking trip. Imagine my surprise when my son, who normally loves the Scout activities announced that he didn’t want to go. “Why don’t you want to go?” I asked. “Because you have to carry everything. On your back,” he said in a standard teenage way.

Now I try hard not to force my own interests on my children and instead allow them to develop their own passions. But I had a hunch he would enjoy backpacking. After all, he already liked the outdoors, campfires, and hanging out with other teenage boys. This started a weeks-long conversation of my encouragement for him to try it. “Just go on one trip and see how you like it.”

He was not convinced until one night at a Scouts meeting. I don’t know what happened, but he came home saying “I want to go backpacking.” Hooray, I thought. And then it came closer to time and I saw the weather forecast. Unseasonably cold for November (down to 36 at night) with a chance of rain. Now I wasn’t sure if he should go. Like so many things in life, the first backpacking experience often determine if there will be a second. I tried to talk the Scout leader into rescheduling. “We promise not to pull your man card if you reschedule.” But it was for naught. I did tell Scooter Man he didn’t have to go if he thought it would be too cold. But now there was no stopping him. I helped him pack (I’m certain he was one of the better-prepared Scouts on the trip) and he ended up having a great time thanks to my gloves, hat, and some extra hand warmers. And they got off the trail before the rain came.

My gratitude list for this week:

  • Safe return of a tired, smelly, and proud boy
  • Saturday morning in the recording studio
  • A Troubadour’s song suggestion that was a home run at The Table
  • St. George’s Church for honoring the The Table Troubadours
  • A sweet parishioner and her homemade pumpkin bread, one for every musician’s family
  • Observing my growing-up daughter at the barre
  • Conversation with a dear friend
  • Middle-of-the-night revelations and encouragement
  • The Parable of the Talents, heard at just the right time
  • Interstate tears and conversation with my tender-hearted father
  • Advent planning
  • Encouraging word from friends and colleagues
Bundled up to hike on a cold Saturday morning

Bundled up to hike on a cold Saturday morning



My sweet ballerina



Being appreciated is even sweeter than this bread was










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For God has destined us not for wrath but for obtaining salvation through our Lord Jesus Christ, who died for us, so that whether we are awake or asleep we may live with him. – The Apostle Paul from 1 Thessalonians 5

This morning at The Table, Malone wrestled with the tough passages of scripture found in 1 Thessalonians 5 and Matthew 25. He taught that the common theme in these passages is the dichotomy of the systems of the world and that of the gospel. And that the peace of God, found in Jesus, is available to us all. This was our set of worship music.

  • Walk-in 1: I Will Rise (Tomlin / Maher / Reeves)
  • Walk-in 2: Our Father (Marcus Meier)
  • King of Heaven (Baloche & Ingram)
  • My Anchor and My Sail (David Durham)
  • Offertory: Lord You are Good (Huskinson / MacLeod / Skinner)
  • Communion: I Will Exalt (Amanda Cook)
  • Doxology: to the tune of “All Creatures of Our God and King”
  • Sanctus: Holy, Holy, Holy (Brian Darnell)
  • King of Heaven (reprise)

The Table Troubadours

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